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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Reflexology treatment cost?

Initial 75 minute session including full treatment and detailed consultation - £45

Subsequent full treatments (45 minutes) - £45

[An additional charge is applied to clients who live outside a 5 mile radius of Essendon, this is to cover petrol costs.]

How will I feel after the treatment?

Aftercare Advice

Following a treatment, hopefully you will be feeling very relaxed and enjoying the benefits of having reflexology. The effects of Reflexology are unique to each person, feeling a sense of well-being and energised are common reactions, as are other reactions that can include:

• headaches

• feeling emotional

• a temporary worsening of your symptoms

• feeling hot or cold

• feeling very relaxed

• sleeping more soundly

• increased energy

• increased urination

• increased thirst

Please rest assured that any adverse reactions should only last for a day or two and are completely normal and indicate that the body is:

• Rebalancing

• Cleansing

• Expelling toxins from the system

• Self-healing

Following the advice below may help you to lesson these reactions and will work well in conjunction with the reflexology to help your body to heal:

• Drinking plenty of water after having reflexology will help to flush out these toxins from your body, hydrate, reduce the possibility of headaches and improve energy levels.

• Avoid or limit tea, coffee and alcohol for 24 hours after a treatment as these are stimulants which could reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.

• Where possible, allow yourself to rest after the treatment.

Is Reflexology suitable for everyone?

There are some contraindications to having Reflexology, which I will check with you prior to your treatment.

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