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Maternity Reflexology. Pregnancy Bump

Pre-conception and Pregnancy Reflexology

Are you looking for a natural method to prepare your body for pregnancy or labour?

Have you been trying to conceive for some time or going through assisted fertility?

Reflexology may be able to help support you though what can be an extremely stressful time.

Pre-conception and Maternity Reflexology

Laura has undertaken further training in using Reflexology to support clients through conception and pregnancy. Being a mum of 4 children, she has benefited from having reflexology treatments before, during and after all of her pregnancies.

Pre-Conceptual Care Reflexology

Taking care of the body by ensuring that lifestyle and nutrition are good and stress levels are low can help prepare the body to conceive and to carry a baby. Reflexology techniques can be used to relax the client, lower stress levels and to balance hormones.

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy and incredibly relaxing. It is considered safe and the deep relaxation alone can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy, helping to keep stress levels low and allowing your body to adjust to the major hormonal changes that are happening at this time. Reflexology aims to create a balanced mind, body and spirit, creating an optimum environment for your growing baby.

Post Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology during this time can be beneficial for post pregnancy recovery. This is often the only time during this sometimes chaotic period that the women will get to have some time dedicated to her! Reflexology techniques can be used to relax and calm any anxieties a new mother may have and to balance hormone and energy levels.

Reflexology to support those with Fertility Issues

Issues with fertility can cause a lot of upset and stress for couples. Often couples have been given no reason why they are struggling to conceive. Stress is a complex condition which affects almost all parts of the body in some way and there is some evidence to suggest that it may affect fertility. Other factors such as poor diet and smoking have been shown to be detrimental. Reflexology may be able to help with the stress and tension surrounding these issues and sometimes this alone is enough to help couples relax and go onto successfully conceive. I am trained in using Reflexology to support Conception and Maternity and although there are no guarantees, many couples have had positive outcomes from having treatments and being supported on their journey.

Reflexology to support those going through Assisted Conception

Reflexology treatments can also be offered to couples who are/will be using assisted conception. Stress levels can be high at this time and couples may have already exhausted a lot of other avenues to conceive. Reflexology can be used to support couples during this time, aiding relaxation and stress relief. An in-depth consultation would be taken to ensure treatments are timed appropriately and work best for you and your body during this time.

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